European Roulette Strategy

If you’re wondering what the deal is with European Roulette Strategy, it’s simply having a basic understanding of the odds when you place a bet. Most people don’t realize that the wheel is not spinning rapidly, but rather constantly in an erratic motion. As such, your call of action has to be quick and decisive – or your money could very well be swallowed up by the wheels.

european roulette strategy

The reason for this is that there aren’t any more actual zeros on American roulette, at least not in the spins. This will provide a quick run-down on the background of roulette, and the history of the game itself. Roulette first began as a casino game, and as such has been adapted to all types of settings. However, the first spin on the wheel did not have the house edge that is seen today. As such, any bet of any size was equal to the amount of time it took for the wheel to spin once – which for the game was almost an hour. Quickly, the wheels became fixed to the center of the wooden table and began spinning much faster.

Because of the speed at which they spun, the more seasoned players quickly figured out what these ‘gambling geniuses’ were doing – and soon after that, they began to figure out how to beat the odds. By placing their bets when the odds were low, these players were able to increase their winnings significantly. As the days and nights grew on, so did the strategies and the tricks to figure out these elusive odds. However, one of the most integral rules still remained, and that was the requirement that one bet had to equal the odds against the other bet.

The odds on each table were published in Roman numerals. This alone was a great European Roulette Strategy. In order to get an idea of what the odds were, all one had to do was multiply the number of chips on each table by 12 to get the odds. If the chips were numbered, it was even easier.

The second European Roulette Strategy, in fact, was based on making a series of small bets. First, place a small bet. On that bet, place another bet, followed by another, and so forth. All bets after the first twelve should be of the same size and placed together. Any smaller bets after the first twelve will only decrease your chances of winning; however, any larger bets will increase your odds.

A third and crucial European Roulette Strategy to remember is to bet from the mid-range up to the end of the table. Never, ever place all your chips on the low or worst chips. The odds are very bad that you will win more often from chips at the high ends than you do from chips at the low ends. As long as you cover your bets from mid-range up to the end, you should do quite well in most roulette games.

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